Saturday, September 04, 2004

My Crushes: Jon Stewart is a National Treasure

There. I said it. Jon Stewart rocks my world. He has all the things I find attractive in a man: good looks, rapier wit, incredible intelligence, approachable demeanor, a certain self-deprecating Jewish sensibility that in reality enhances rather than diminishes his attractiveness...and a successful television program.

In all seriousness, Jon Stewart {on the Comedy Channel of all places} is THE guy on television forcing the "real" media to raise their game. Were I a mainstream journo, I would live in fear of being the protagonist in The Daily Show's "Moment of Zen," in which someone is caught doing something absurd (like challenging someone to a duel, for instance), and it is played on repeat to the audience's derisive peals of laughter.

Jon Stewart is brilliant. His show is brilliant. The writers are brilliant. The politicians and journos featured in his show are not. I wake up every day and thank god that Jon Stewart is on my television.

God Bless Jon Stewart, and God Bless America. ;)

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