Friday, November 16, 2007

We've Never Met a Cliff We Didn't Like

Democrats, I mean.

I'm having agita over the debate last night, and the way that HRC was treated as the frontrunner. Yeah, yeah, "polls show" that she is. But I don't buy it. I think she's the frontrunner because we are being told that she is, much the same way that Julia Roberts became "America's Pretty Woman" and Michael Jackson was the "King of Pop" because that's what the announcer said before introducing them on talk shows.

If HRC gets the nomination we can kiss the White House goodbye. And we'll deserve to. Yes, I'm an Obama supporter so I come from a certain POV. But think about it: Hillary Clinton has huge negatives. The key to winning any presidential race is to bring the undecideds and the independents out to the polls for your candidate. You cannot win without them. As my darling pollster friend told me: the people who will vote for HRC have already decided. Her numbers are pretty much always the same because people already know how they feel about her. There is zero expectation that a rush of independents and undecideds will suddenly sweep Clinton into office; she is seen as a known quantity, either for good or for bad. There is nowhere for her to go.

And national polls are useless. So what if she's running close to Giuliani in national polls. They are meaningless because we haven't had a single primary yet and the remaining candidates haven't come into focus yet. And the election isn't for another year. And how can she be ahead in all these polls when, anecdotally, I can't identify a single person in my social universe who is voting for her. And we're liberals living in Massachusetts!

All I'm saying is that HRC's nomination will ensure four more years of the Repugs. And it will, to me, signify the death of the Democratic Party in that we couldn't even win when faced with potentially the worst presidential record in modern history.

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Vigilante said...

I don't share your pessimism, E. But I certainly agree with you on HRC's negatives and your regret that the MSM has curiously anointed her. Just because Nevada is Hillary country, the media was very cruel to JRE last night. Edwards has a very rare and special talent. I am going to mourn his passing from the political stage.