Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Green Cheese

Is anyone else laughing at NBC's Green Week? I hadn't heard of it either until last night's Heroes episode during a promo spot where poor Zachary Quinto/Sylar was forced to say, "On the TV show Heroes I am trying to destroy the world, but in real life I want to save it." You could see his eyes pleading for understanding, "Guys, I know this is as lame-ass as it gets, but it's contractual stuff. I swear I would never really say crap like this in real life. Can we blame this on the writer's strike maybe?"

It was embarrassing in the worst way, for both Quinto and NBC. The rest of the show's breaks were peppered with helpful hints like, "Instead of using a paper or plastic cup, invest in a mug and use that throughout the day." Apparently this is indeed "Green Week" where NBC/GE/massive corporation tells us how we can stop polluting and wasting and destroying. Thanks, guys!

So go ahead and click here to read about Sami and Lucas' Green Wedding from Days of Our Lives or why the cast of Chuck exhorts you to eschew incandescent lightbulbs. Or something like that.

Now, I've got to run and invest in that mug...

I can't believe you won't switch to a push lawnmower, Maya.

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