Wednesday, November 07, 2007


You'd think that with nowhere to go, no one to see, and nothing to do, that SSHaggis would be one ongoing, nonstop posting frenzy, right?

Clearly wrong.

It turns out that my days are actually pretty full, between domestic stuff that I'm now able to do, doctor's appointments in various parts of town, and Bambina home from her half-day preschool. I kidded myself at the beginning of this whole drama that maybe I'd write a book or learn Chinese with all of my "down time." Hah! Not going to happen until that down time actually materializes.

Which is why I am hating life that I don't blog more. Or, more accurately, that I can't seem to find anything that interests me to the point of wanting to dissect and discuss it online. Pakistan, the presidency, Spice Girls reunion, Heroes Season 2, the ongoing neverending Iraq War, Rock of Love with Brett Michaels: there are no shortage of things to gnaw on. I just can't seem to make myself care these days. Which is why, in addition to the daily grind of appointments etc, that I don't find myself in front of my laptop much in a position to credibly blog on something.

I keep channelling Diddy from Making the Band when he kept threatening the guys who weren't performing well, "I'm closin' it down! I'm closin' down the studio!" He said it so much that it became a joke in our house if someone wasn’t hopping-to fast enough: “Brush your teeth now—or I’m closin’ down the bathroom! I’m closin’ it down!” I guess you have to find the humor in Diddy’s ego to find it as funny as we did…

Anyhoo. My point being that I’m wondering whether I should blog once a week or put the Haggis out of its misery entirely. I realized today as I was chatting with an exceedingly out-of-luck lady in the DF waiting room how much of my blog fodder requires human contact, a feature lacking from my life at the moment. I don't visit bathroom stalls at work anymore. I don't ride airplanes and meet weirdos anymore. I don't get in cabs with psycho drivers anymore. I don't even interact with the dude at the Starbucks or the surly Target cashier anymore. All of the places from which my stupid and inane and mildly entertaining stories emerged are currently off-limits for me. Leaving you with my random links, Bambina stories, book reviews, moment-by-moment tracking of bacteria in my intestinal tract, and TV show updates. Hardly the stuff of which I dreamed when I first put finger to keyboard back in 2004 (except for the intestinal stuff, of course. That was actually Tenet #2 in my mission statement)...

But you get my point. I feel like the overall quality, consistency and timeliness of SSHaggis is just not where I flatter myself that it once was. I always said I'd "close it down!" if it became an online journal or anything resembling something you'd link to off of IVillage. I fear, at this point, that I'm dangerously close to peering into that abyss, and I'd rather listen to every song ever sung by Kathie Lee Gifford on a continuous loop than jump off that cliff into Precious Moments territory.

That said, I do have to give a shout out apology to the BBDD who told me not to write this. He said it would make me look like I was fishing for some of these:


Anonymous said...

I think some of the most entertaining blogging can come from your things you deal with in your very own in point: Please don't leave us completely-I really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your political insight!

Anonymous said...

As do I. My favorite blogs are those in which the writer isn't afraid to share more of his or her life than just the ostensible subject matter.

I came here from Dubious Quality and I love hearing about Gloria and Eli and Bambina and Baby Daddy.

There is a world of difference between talented writers writing about all facets of their lives, and iVillage posters nattering on.

Wit, talent, skill.....all those things make the difference between, say, reading Erma Bombeck and listening to someone going on and on (and on and on) about Baby's First BM.

Do what makes you feel fulfilled, but don't worry that we aren't getting valuable insights into life by reading your blog when you're not writing about big picture subjects.

When things were looking real scary for your health last year, I posted that I thought you were incredibly brave and that I think about you when I find myself slipping into a pity party over something stupid. I really meant that, and I still do.

Your blog makes me try to be a better person. Almost as smarmy as a Precious Moments sticker, but it's sincere.

Anonymous said...

You HAVE to keep blogging! And, I need a serious Haggis rant on this today!

Anonymous said...

I kind of count on your blog for daily procrastination, so please don't stop :)