Monday, November 05, 2007

Taking The Weekend Off

SS Haggis was dark this weekend. And so was my bedroom. I had a monster effing migraine for the second time in a week which threw off my entire weekend blogging, Bambina-ing, baking, footballing schedule.

The assumption is that the migraines are medication side effect-related. My assumption is that they are God's punishment being visited upon me for all the times I thought people with migraines were malingerers with minor headaches. If you haven't had a migraine, DO NOT get one. Avoid them. You seriously feel like a blood vessel in your brain/forehead/eye is about to burst open--for 24 hours. No joke. 24 hours (or more, I've heard) of constant throbbing nausea-inducing pain that cannot be eased.

Although feeling like your head is the size of Peyton Manning's is indeed miserable, the worst part for me is less the headache and more the barfing. Especially if you, like I, had just eaten brisket for dinner. Take it from the old bulimic handbook: if you think vomiting is in your future, do not eat anything red and do not eat anything that will feel like a Stephen King creature breaking free of your body on the way back up. Avoid that kind of horror show if you can.

So it was a bad scene as you can imagine. Which is why I blogged not this weekend. And why I am woefully unprepared for blogging today due to catching up on business left unattended during my indisposition. So maybe another post today, but definitely more tomorrow.


Ken said...

E, do you use a laptop? I recently got one for work, and found the process of rebuilding and reopening my blog much easier. I could "work" a bit vegging in front of the TV, supervising the kids, etc.

Vigilante said...

u been missed.