Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Here are my little sunflower and I trick or treating last night. The doctor said I could do it if someone else walked her up to the door and as long as I took a mask and avoided people.

So why am I seemingly flouting doctor's orders? Because, before walking in to Gram and Pop's house and getting ready for bed, we trick or treated at the door! That's the cool thing about 3.5 year-olds. They just go along with intellectual fiction in the name of fun, unburdened by that ludicrous adult notion of "reality." Or, more accurately, unburdened by anyone's notion of reality save their own.

The highlights of the evening included Pop in a 'fro wig getting some candy from neighbors for his costume too, Bambina chastising a lady for calling her a "cute little girl" with "I'm not a little girl! I'm a big girl!" And, her announcing to another lady of a house, "My mommy can't meet you!..." I quickly yelled from my position on the street, "Hello! Happy Halloween!" to the woman before my cherub could get to the part about "...because you have germs!"

*ps--Smooches Gracias to Gram for making the awesome costume!


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Very nice, E.

We had Anakin Skywalker (6), Snow White (4), and a dragonfly (1). The dragonfly had to be carried for most of the night(not easy at 25 pounds) and squirmed a lot. It was dark out and a lot of parents and kids were looking at me strangely. I eventually realized that they thought that the struggling dragonfly was part of MY costume.