Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome, Gordo.

Ya big Scotsman!

Here is an online chat with Brown over at the Belfast Telegraph. I like how he answers (or doesn't answer) questions, from Iraq to global warming to "How many Scottish people in the Cabinet is too many?" God forbid the United Kingdom have a cabinet that represents ALL of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, huh? Why hasn't anyone wondered over the past several hundred years how many English people in the UK cabinet is too many?
Belfast Telegraph

Anyway, I digress. It's official. Gordon Brown, Scotsman, Prime Minister of Britain.


Edgar Newt said...

How refreshing to see some democracy in action. I doubt we will see the day when our current president takes questions from an unscreened population of emailers.

So what is this "Britishness" thing all about?

JPjr said...

G'oan Yer Sell Wee Man!!!!!

Scotland Forever!!!!

Vigilante said...

Bye, bye, Tony Bliar!