Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Republican Debate Preview

I was going to write one, then read a better one over at The Vigil. Note the recommendations of Frank Luntz to excuse everything (deficits, economic decline) by way of 9/11. For all the accusations from the GOP that those against them are "politicizing" 9/11, it seems that no one has been doing it better, ever since 9/12.
The Vigil


Vigilante said...

Watched the L.A. Dodgers through a half dozen scoreless innings instead of the GOP dodgers debating.... It was a better use of time. (I'll read about both in the morning.)

Anonymous said...

There are somethings missing from the picture;
1. A woman
2. An African American or other minority
3. A member of any religion that's not christian

E said...

That is a great point, Anonymous. This party has a long way to go to even begin to represent America.