Friday, June 08, 2007

This is the Part Where I Thank God for the Grammy

Every night I've been here I've prayed this prayer from a Jewish Book of Healing that my Mom gave me. If you're having any health issues--or any issues at all for that matter--you might want to give it a try.

In Thy hand is the soul of every living thing.
I turn to Thee, O Lord, in my distress.

Give me patience and faith;
Let not despair overwhelm me.

Renew my trust in Thy mercy
And bless the efforts of all who are helping me.

Be with my dear ones in these difficult days.
Give them strength and courage
To face the anxieties which they share with me.

Grant me Thy healing
So that in vigor of body and mind
I may return to my loved ones
For a life which will be marked by good deeds.

At first I thought that last line sounded a little bit like bargaining, ie, let me get better and I swear I won't say mean things about senior citizens in the grocery line. But then I figured that, in my style, it would be more like me "making the case" for why I'm a good investment of God's time and effort. Good deeds?!! I can do that!

You don't have to be Jewish With Bone Marrow Issues to use this prayer, so I hope you'll feel free to do so if it speaks to you in any way.


Lori Ann said...

You are in my prayers daily. You and Bambina, who is exactly the same age as my Diana. May God continue to get you through each day.

Emily said...

Dear E,

I'm so very sorry your bones are hurting and that you're in such pain. I'm thankful you are taking the morphine. And, I'm DELIGHTED to hear about your wonderful new vibrant and vigorous white cells which are so busily making themselves "t' home"!

Thank you, so much, for sharing the prayer from the Jewish Book of Healing. I treasure the gems you share with your readership from time to time, and knowing that they have been of comfort to you makes them that much more valuable to me.

Keep on lovin' and welcomin' those vital white cells, and I'll keep on prayin' for your continuing engrafting process and for your full and complete healing.

Remember, we're all pullin' for YOU.