Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm Sticking With Fortune Cookies

I somehow got on the list for two separate daily horoscopes many years ago. I have an email address that I use only for online purchasing, so obviously it was as a result of something I bought. Usually they just fill up the inbox and I delete them all every two months when I get around to it. I've just been too lazy to click on that unsubscribe link, I suppose.

With little else to do this week I decided to read them.

Astrology site #1 for June 28:
You need to get away from home to give yourself some space to think things through. An opportunity to make more money may be possible if you are ready to make a move. Someone you live with may object to your plans. You think?

Astrology site #2 for June 28:
It's time for you to decelerate. Give yourself permission to lie around the house, couch surf and indulge in some strictly-for-fun reading. There's nothing as nice as a bit of lazy time spent on yourself.

So which is it, astral seers? Get away from home or sit around watching SportsCenter with a beer? Obviously I think the people over at #2 have more of a sense of where I am these days, but don't these people coordinate their astrological advice?

Of course, I was finding it all very funny until I got this:
You're glowing with confidence, and no one (least of all that certain someone) can resist you when you're in a mood like this. Why not throw a party and gather your nearest and dearest together? The more the merrier.

I'll get right on that. Just as soon as I hit *delete*.

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