Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Dem Debate

It starts in a few minutes, and I'm really looking forward to it. First, who can resist a Kucinich-Gravel Leftie DoubleTeam? Second, Obama has the most to lose and the most to gain, so seeing how he overcomes his self-described discomfort in debates will be good TV. Third, as everyone and their mother is saying, it will be interesting to see how many times the name GWBush is invoked tonight. I'm hoping for an evening of proactive proposals for what each candidate stands for and will do as President, rather than a rehashing of The Crimes of George W. Bush, which are already well-documented in better formats.

Will Joe Biden say anything to make voters think he's a viable presidential candidate, or will they continue their habit of saying, "he's very good in a debate; I didn't know he was running and I don't see him winning." Same with Chris Dodd. Witty and quick on the feet perhaps, but really in the running for POTUS? I'm thinking not. But maybe tonight will be his watershed moment. Big questions on Edwards. His campaign seems stalled; can he break out of the pack tonight and show he can shine on the dais with Clinton and Obama?

Six minutes to go and we'll have our answers.


Vigilante said...

Slept through these proceedings, oblivious of they're even being on. CNN pundits afterwords were commenting on Hillary coming across with 'presidential leadership', Obama looking more poised than ever' and Richardson 'tanking'. Remember two things:

First: the voters are not watching yet; only wannabe pundits like myself (when we're awake) and big donors.

Second: The Democrats' 800 pound gorilla was not in attendance.

E said...

I can't believe they said Richardson tanked! I thought he was very good. Very specific, very thoughtful. I'm not sure he can cut through the cacophony of voices out there, but I thought he served himself well.

Vigilante said...

E, I don't know what his followers see in Richardson. Oratorically and charismatically challenged, he strikes me as a plodding favorite son candidate. Maybe he can serve as a ticket-balancing VP. What else?