Friday, May 18, 2007

Some TLC PDQ for BB

This post is for BB, who is in the hospital at the moment. I was about to say that BB is the grandfather I never had. Luckily for me, he's the grandfather I DO have, and have had, for most of my adult life. He, with his swingin' sidekick GG, have been showin' us young'uns how it's done right: with grace, with class, with verve, with humor--and maybe with a little Campari to boot.

So I'm sending some big fat loving vibes to BB, who for me represents the original man's man. He sees what needs done and does it. He doesn't make excuses or wait for someone else to do it, he doesn't sit and bemoan the fact that it needs done. He just gets on with getting it done. He's old school through and through, and thank God for that.

Of course, the only person I can think of who could appropriately describe BB is another man's man: Teddy Roosevelt. “We need the iron qualities that go with true manhood. We need the positive virtues of resolution, of courage, of indomitable will, of power to do without shrinking from the rough work that must always be done.”

Yup. BB is a man who gets it done. Including being loved massively and fiercely loyally by everyone who knows him. Go BB! We love you!

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