Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Like "Night Zero"

So here's me.
Rumors of my demise--spread mostly by me--have been greatly exaggerated. Actually, this is me taking advantage of the couple of hours during the day when I feel good, before I get medicated/procedurated/nauseated and it's back to lying in bed and praying for unconsciousness.

Not sure when my stem cells will arrive; they said more than likely this evening, since the donor has to donate this AM and then they have to be "processed" and delivered. So it's kind of like Night Zero, as opposed to Day Zero. Apparently whatever "process" they give them makes the recipient nauseated {as an aside: is there anything in this entire procedure that is NOT designed to nauseate you?! What a total lack of imagination on the part of American medicine}. So the actual getting of the cells is less glamorous than once I had thought: me with a martini, cute summer dress, big Jackie O sunglasses, classily receiving my infusion, "would you be a dear, darling, and give me a refill?" Nope. It's more like me either passed out or rocking back and forth dramamine-style.

Hey--however it happens, as long as it happens. Darling.


nm in mn said...

Glad to see you up, and dig the star spangled bandanna. I guess I'll have to be having the cocktails for you then...

Thinking of you.

(ps - is this "word verification" new? Don't remember it. It must be, or I am sure you would have written some snarky piece about how, in my case, "abkmo" is not a word, but merely a collection of random letters)

Me said...

Thanks, babe. Yes, the word verification is new. It replaced the "your comment will be approved by blog owner" thing, which I had put up to stop the "enlarge your penis! love your blog!" comments I was getting.

Do have some cocktails for me, darling. I'll be back having them with you when I get the alcohol all-clear in.....hmmm...never mind! ;)

nm in mn said...

wait...are you telling me that all I have to do is "love your blog?"

- wow the word is almost apropos .....tpisee (of course, I read it as tipsee)

Joe Tornatore said...

the bandana is you, a patient with opinion.

Atozy said...

haha great counter you got there !
Bush is a joke, we all love to see him go.

greets Atozy

Vigilante said...

"and so, that's the way it goes..."

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Love the color coordinated turquoise top and face mask!!! And the bandana totally rocks!

Hope the transfer has been totally successfully accomplished by now and that NO problems have or will occur.

Sending you loving, hopeful thoughts and prayers, dear E!