Monday, May 28, 2007

Here Comes the Neighborhood!

As promised, I'm down to negligible zero. On any other day I'd say, "Oh Sh*t!" But today it's good news. That means we've cleared out the lazy, unemployed squatters to make room for the new tenants. Here comes the neighborhood, with any luck.

Since today is my day "off" I actually felt like getting out of bed for once in four days. So I put on my flip flops, mask and gloves and (as usual, ie, sans reality-check) strode out of my room with the full intention of doing 50 laps of the pod area.

Or 6 laps.

That's how far I got until I came back in, unmasked, ungloved, and sat my tired a** on my bed till it's time to shower, another activity that now takes a good bit of wind out of my sails. It's pretty amazing how only 4 days of chemo can turn your cardiovascular system into Fat Joe's.

My other job for today is to hope they stop with all the bag fluid they're giving me. I know it's important for moving the chemo through the kidneys and out, but lordamercy, I haven't eaten in 4 days and my AM weight was exactly 6 pounds heavier than when I arrived. And it's not the weight that's bugging me, it's the feeling of puffiness, the sense that if someone were to pinch my cheeks that they might not spring back right away. And the woeful presence of the "cankles," which as you know I deplore. As proof, check me out just this morning:

I'm off for another 50..nah...25...nah...15...nah...2 laps! That's me: Racin' to Day Zero, baby.


Vigilante said...

You're beautiful!

Emily said...

You go, Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are one amazing, awesome, inspiring, REAL woman. You are in my thoughts, my heart, and my prayers.

Thank you, so much, for allowing us to be with you as you live your life "out loud" and oh-so-courageously.

GroupGross said...

Don't you at least get some medical marijuana out of the deal? Does wonders for nausea.