Friday, May 11, 2007

In The Unlikely Event of an Emergency Landing...


You remember those times when you are on a plane and the captain announces that they have to de-board you to fix a "mechanical issue?" Then an hour later they cheerily announce that you can all get right back on the plane because it's all been taken care of? And a small part of your brain wonders, "Okay, so what precisely was wrong? Maybe they should just bring out a new plane rather than deeming this too-broken-to-fly-one-hour-ago one shipshape?"

Well, I got a call from the DF "Captain" today telling me that my transplant is delayed because they have to "do additional blood tests on the donor." Like, what extra kind of tests would you not already have done? She was really nice and did the whole, "I know this is unsettling, but it's nothing to worry about, and if all goes well with his tests next week, should only set us back about a week and a half." She obviously can't tell me more than that about an anonymous person's health situation, but the question hanging in the air, screaming for an answer, was, "what exactly do you need to check all of a sudden that might potentially be a dealbreaker? And even if you do decide it's all good, what the hell WAS it you were checking for?!"

For various reasons too boring to detail here, I knew that the donor was out of pocket for a period of time, which is how we arrived at the transplant date of May 21st. So now I'm (tongue in cheek) starting a pool trying to connect the dots between where he was and why that might impact his ability to donate. My three current guesses are:
A. Took a trip to sub-saharan Africa minus the necessary shots, arriving home surprised that the doctors aren't psyched about it.
B. Been in prison on a 30-day Paris Hilton-style charge.
C. Never mentioned that he was a beef enthusiast in Britain during the late 1990's.

Any others?

In the meantime, I'm just being zen about the whole thing. However it happens is how it's meant to happen. Whoever provides the goods is who is meant to provide the goods. Although, I do reserve the right to move Mr. "Men I Love" Donor to my "Men Who I Believe Need a Smack" list. It's not beyond the realm of reason; most of the men on the former list also inhabit the latter. Although I guess I now have to worry about being moved from everyone's "Friend In Need" list to "Friend Who Pretends To Be Critically Ill to Wrangle Packing and Moving Assistance..."


Vigilante said...

I'm gonna start a list of lists if this cr*p keeps up much longer...

E said...

LOL, Vigilante! You are too funny! What kinda lists would you have on your list of lists?