Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Movin' Out

Tomorrow early AM will begin the road trip to Boston. It will end almost ten years here in DC. There are so many things about DC that I will miss: the Capitol view every day, the constant hum of politics in the air, not having to drive anywhere, having one of the first things Bambina knows how to say be "Thurgood Marshall Federal Building..." Living here provides you with an education and an atmosphere that you can't get anywhere else. It's fun, it's very serious, and it's very fun to watch other people being very serious about moronic stuff.

I'm going to miss seeing the female Hill interns crossing the street in their tits-out shirts and flip flops, as if they think that attention equals credibilty. I'll miss seeing the male interns wearing suits with baseball caps. Or, more accurately, I'll miss laughing at them. I'll miss the motorcades, the minor political celebrity sightings (Oh my god! Look! It's Tim Russert!), and most of all the sense of history and patriotism inherent in living in DC...Not that Boston lacks for history and patriotism, of course.

I won't miss the random crime that always occurs just one block too close to my house to let me shrug it off, the reassessment of my property taxes that now rivals communities where they can actually send their kids to the schools those high taxes are funding, and--of course--not having representation in Congress. Now when someone says, "Call your Senator!" I will actually have someone to call.

Aaah. A little change might do me good.

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Vigilante said...

Look at it this way: Boston & their Bosox need you. A little change will do them a great good!