Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The War on Christianity, DeLay-Style

Tom DeLay, the clearly shameless malefactor from Congress, delivered a speech to a crowd of about 300 attending a conference titled "The War on Christians and the Values Voter in 2006."

DeLay gave a rousing sermon-like speech that outlined the "War on Christianity" in America today. DeLay said, "we have been chosen to live as Christians at a time when our culture is being poisoned. ... God made us specifically for it. ... Jesus Christ himself made us just so that we could live in this nation at this time."

Wow. That's pretty heady stuff from a mere mortal, to venture a guess as to why God has put him on the earth, and to have that guess be "to represent God's viewpoint." But by far the best and richest quote came from a Reverend Rick Scarborough, who told the audience "This is a man, I believe, God has appointed ... to represent righteousness in government."

Reeeaaaallly?!!! Surely that comment drew laughter, or maybe just some snickers, or perhaps even just some under the breath chortling? Nope! Scarborough said DeLay had been "nearly destroyed in the press," and that he shouldn't worry about his re-election campaign. After all, "God always does his best work after a crucifixion."

So let me get this straight. Hillary uses the word "plantation" and it goes three news cycles, but Tom DeLay's supporter compares his legal and ethical troubles with the crucifixion of the Savior, and not a peep out of Bill O'Reilly?! Curious, isn't it?

The Rev. Barry Lynn, who heads Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said "what you have here are second-tier preachers who are hoping to hit the big time, desperately hoping for a national spotlight..." by trumping up some "war on Christianity."

Let's be honest. How can there be a war against 76% of the US population?* Who is carrying out this war? The 1% Jews, the 1% Muslims, the 2% Mormons, the 10% "other" or the 10% "none"? Even if every Jew, Muslim, Latter Day Saint, Hindu, Sikh, Zoroastrian, atheist and agnostic teamed up, we'd still only be 24% against 76%. And that is 76% of people with not only the Father but the Son AND the Holy Spirit on their side, mind you.

We're no match for those odds, surely...



Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Christian believe they are the only way to GOD. Theyve from the start thought that.Priest molesting kids, gansters killing eachother with crosses around thier nekcs even full blown Christiansbreaking thier own commandments now thats Christianity

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Latter day saints are Christians they are Mormon therfore Christians also just as much as baptist, catholic, seventh day, pentecostal,etc.

S said...

I'm not sure it merits a response...but just to clear things up, Christians belive *Christ* is the only way to God. There are certain Christians who seem to portray otherwise but it comes off as rather bigoted to condemn an entire religion for what others do in it's name.

Raine said...

Politics, Media, and Religion.

Somebody just drop the bomb already and get it over with.

Just kidding. I don't even know if DeLay's sermon is worth my own post on. I can't understand how there can be a war on Christians in the states, unless he's referring to how capitalism has eaten away at Christian values.

In that case, many of those "guilty" of the instituting the "war" are themselves Christians. If you want to see the enemy in the war for the greater good, you need only look in the mirror in the morning, because if it's not your own habits that are causing the problem, it's your unwillingness to do anything about anybody else.

Maybe that's a little harsh, but of course, I'm a believer that change comes from determination and resolve inside, not blind faith that some all-powerful being will deliver everything, or that mankind will act in the most beneficial manner. Some need God to find the strength in themselves to make change. Some just use God as a convenient excuse to seize power, make demands, and just generally make life miserable for the rest of us. Some don't believe in God, which is of course their choice to do so, and I could really care less who or what somebody worships as long as they don't stop me on the road or knock on my door to tell me how great their latest cult addiction is.

I've heard it all before, now get off my lawn, ya bunch of hoodlums.

E said...

Awesome comments! Gombesa, I guess I put Mormons aside simply because most classic Christians in the Tom DeLay sense would not consider them as such, being that they also have The Book of Mormon, and a whole separate theology. When a school prayer debate was raging when I lived in a southern state, every time I asked a more conservative Christian if they would then be okay with their kid saying a Mormon prayer should they live in a locality with a preponderance of Mormons, they all said, "absolutely not."

S said...

You're not kidding ,E. I grew up "non-denominational" with a good dose of pentacostal craziness and mormons were considered as bad as atheists; or worse, Unitarians! *sarcastic shudder*

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

S said"I'm not sure it merits a response...but just to clear things up, Christians belive *Christ* is the only way to God. There are certain Christians who seem to portray otherwise but it comes off as rather bigoted to condemn an entire religion for what others do in it's name."

Muslims also say iIslam is the only way to God. That starts a war that will NEVER end until both sides agree that GOD isnt on anyones side but everyones. Man was created in his own image; if he created Christain/Muslim as his image there wouldnt be any other races or religions allowed to even exist. Religion is only there to humble a man to understand thathe personally has a relationship with God and the rest of mankind. Treat a poor mans mouth as GODs own hand.If you love GOD you would never disrespect others faith in him. If you think your way is the only way show it be your character,additude and manners to all, even when spit at.For thats the way of true living in his creation.
"Truth is the highest virtue, even higher is truthful living"Saith Nanak.