Saturday, March 18, 2006

Technical difficulties, a new blog, and a Nose Picking Update

Had some troubles with Blogger and couldn't get anything to post to SSHaggis, so happy-happy-joy-joy it's working today!

In other news, the latest blogging enterprise is available at Some days all I felt like writing about was my dad, and some days I really, really wanted to blog about something-anything-else. But I don't want to have a string of posts on the same topic in SS Haggis, no matter how much the topic seems paramount in my mind at the time. So the solution was Good Grief, which I hope will have a team of contributors posting their insights into grief, how to identify its often hidden signs (a quart of Haagen Dazs every night, anyone?), how to let it happen even when you kind of don't think you can deal with it happening, and how, ultimately, to live the life your loved one would have wanted you to.

Or maybe it will be crap. Who knows? But there it is if you're interested.

Now, Bob Costas is joining us for a moment to update us on the Nose Picking Olympics. Bob?

Thanks E. In the annals of the nose picking olympics there has never been a story like that of The Bambina's. Her truly courageous and inspired performances here at these proceedings have touched the hearts of so many (even the French, perhaps the world's foremost nose pickers), however undone they were in the Nose Picking 100 meter dash by the Scottish team last week. The Bambina's breakout moment? Her spectacular performance in today's 600 meter relay, an event in which she had not previously competed. That's right, E. For the first time in Bambina history, she not only picked boogers out of her nose, but she perfected the skill of now PROUDLY HANDING IT to someone else. The handoff of the booger baton was seamless, skillful and graceful. This girl has a future.

Back to you, E.

Thanks, Bob.

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