Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Anthrax Redux


Is anyone else wondering what ever happened to the anthrax investigation?

As you'll recall, five people died of the inhaled form of anthrax and 13 others suffered anthrax infections after the October through November 2001 rash of anthrax-laced mailings to the media, Congress, and some private citizens.

As CNN reported, "The anthrax deaths underscored the fact that even the most powerful nation on Earth was not immune to bioterrorism and raised the question of whether the United States has a domestic terrorist within its midst." In a March 2002 CNN report, Barbara Rosenberg, a microbiologist with the State University of New York at Purchase, accused the FBI of stalling to protect government secrets.

"There may be embarrassing information connected with the entire event and there may not be real enthusiasm about bringing this information out to the public," she said. "The FBI hotly rejects such suggestions."

Okay, so what were the FBI's findings, then? It's been FOUR YEARS!

Just wondering...

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