Saturday, March 18, 2006

TSA Bombs at Security Duties

Security screeners at 21 airports across the United States failed to detect materials that could be used to make bombs in recent tests by government agents, US legislators said.

"The fact that government investigators were able to pass through TSA's (Transportation Security Administration) screening at 21 major airports with bomb-making material is frightening," representative Bennie Thompson, a member of the Committee on Homeland Security, said in a statement.

"It's like the story of the Trojan Horse," he added. "TSA has spent so much time telling people to take off their shoes and belts, that they have missed the bomb-making materials."

That last sentence nails the problem. Our airport security system is a joke. We feel safer because we are being inconvenienced, but these results show that we are, in fact, less safe. Why? Because isn't it more dangerous to feel safe when you are not? At least when you know people might get bombs onto planes, you travel with a realistic sense of things; when you think the good people at TSA care about your safe return home, you are less likely to report suspicious things or people, and less likely to be vigilant in the first place. Let's stop kidding ourselves.

And here's an idea--how about we focus on the millions of unchecked loads of cargo coming into our country via our ports? If I'm a terrorist, I'm thinking the whole plane/bomb/hijack thing has been done. Much more deadly and well, terror-inspiring, to kill Americans on American soil right on the ground FROM the ground. But I suppose I shouldn't worry. George Bush will protect me.


Joe Tornatore said...

i heard about this too. good reporting.

Vigilante said...

Democrat Martin Sabo was denied in proposing his amendment to the recent non-budget which Congress passed this week. He wanted $1 billion to inspect foreign ports, monitor home ports for radiation, and for emergency back-up emergency communication networks around our ports.

But that was denied by in the Republican House of Lords. Instead?

Recidivist comments:

Instead - Instead - the Repugs pass $1.7 billions for missile defense ICBM's!!!

This is exactly where they had us before 9-11: Billions for star-wars and not one goddamned cent for anti-suitcase bomb or anti-boxcutter defense.

Now, tell me, who is it that has a pre-nine-eleven mentality?????