Monday, March 13, 2006

Kid Tested, Grandma Approved

Remember that old Saturday Night Live skit with Candice Bergen and Dan Aykroyd as Irwin Mainway, creator of dangerous kiddie toys?

Consumer Reporter: Alright. Fine. Fine. Well, we'd like to show you another one of Mr. Mainway's products. It retails for $1.98, and it's called Bag O' Glass. Mr. Mainway, this is simply a bag of jagged, dangerous, glass bits....

Irwin Mainway: Yeah, well, look - you know, the average kid, he picks up, you know, broken glass anywhere, you know? The beach, the street, garbage cans, parking lots, all over the place in any big city. We're just packaging what the kids want! I mean, it's a creative toy, you know?...

Consumer Reporter: So, you don't feel that this product is dangerous?

Irwin Mainway: No! Look, we put a label on every bag that says, "Kid! Be careful - broken glass!" I mean, we sell a lot of products in the "Bag O'" line.. like Bag O' Glass, Bag O' Nails, Bag O' Bugs, Bag O' Vipers, Bag O' Sulfuric Acid. They're decent toys, you know what I mean?

Well, I'd like to now add something to this list, courtesy of MY MOM and HER TEMPLE!! Yeah, it's called "Bag O' Plagues" and it is a toy for children of all ages. She and my niece went to her Temple's Purim Carnival yesterday and brought home a kiddie Seder plate for The Bambina (basically a soft plate with pretend food on it)...and Bag O' Plagues, a small collection of all the plagues visited upon Egypt in Exodus. How nice is that?! It's got a sticky, jelly-like hand with boils on it, a little cow with some goopy stuff on it, disappearing red ink for the blood in the water, etc etc.

And of course, my three year old niece LOVES it! Good to see Irwin Mainway has moved into the Jewish market.

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