Friday, November 18, 2005

Today's Good Karma

Writer's block has descended. And, as anyone would in a similar situation, I am heading straight to the Chasids for Today's Good Karma! ;)

"Doing good is not about being nice. You can do nice things all day long for many people, but it could be all just more service of your own self. When you help those who show gratitude, when you lend a hand to those who are on your side, you are still within the realm of your own ego and self. Help someone you don't want to help. Help him and learn to want to help him--only because this is the right thing to do. At first it may not feel so rewarding. Now you have sprung free."


Vigilante said...

"Help someone you don't want to help"?

Maybe, but not if it's my brother-in-law.

E said...

Vigilante! You so funny! :)