Friday, November 11, 2005

"Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone"

Which is a statement generally made by those who have the most bread.

On that topic, do we need additional evidence that Rick Santorum is an Extremely Large A-Hole?



Jeff said...

I saw that very same report last night and it's amazing how different two people's viewpoints can be when viewing the same thing- I thought the reporter was a complete asshole and let me state how:
-Being rude @ the book signing to people who wanted their books signed.
-Not respecting Mr. Santorum @ his book signing.
-Receiving a clear-cut and straight-forward answer, then replying with the exact same question.
-Not recognizing the fact that he WAS RIGHT in supporting his wife's decisions EVEN IF he disagreed with them, which is a personal issue & none of our business anyway.

I could go on but it's pointless. Now I have no idea who this guy is and I don't really care- it's not a partisan thing as the story made it out to be- I don't even know what party he belongs to. It's time the pop-media in America went after their darling-bitch-boys, Al Gore & John McCain before they start witch-hunts on every other politician in the country.

Cicely said...

Gargantuan a-hole.

Raine said...


It's Godzillhole!