Friday, November 18, 2005

Bad Stedman!

One of the cool things about having a kid is the fact that they (thank you, Art Linkletter) say the darndest things. It's also cool because, while they are pre-verbal (or in The Bambina's case, incredibly verbal but mostly incomprehensible), they find the darndest things funny.

The latest funny things in our house include both the words, "belly button" and The Bambina's immediate search for same as soon as a person walks in the door. The social worker dropped by for a half hour to do the 6 month at home visit and all I could do was pray that she wouldn't point at his crotchy/belly area, yell, "Beh' Buh!" and start trying to lift his shirt to poke her finger in his navel. I seriously was sitting there making nice-nice with the social worker while telepathically commanding her to forget about belly buttons for the next 20-40 minutes. Luckily my Jedi Mind Tricks were in top form and we emerged without precipitating any uncomfortable questions about shirt-lifting in the home.

One of the other things that makes her laugh is the word "Stedman," as in Oprah's life partner, Stedman Graham. The baby daddy and I were discussing Stedman (don't ask why...) and every time we said "Stedman" she'd laugh hysterically. Her laughter was causing her to get distracted from eating her dinner so I said in a mock serious tone, "Bad Stedman! Bad Stedman!" which apparently was Sid Caesar-bring-down-the-house funny to this toddler, and so now we can't go a full day without at some point just gratuitously saying, "Bad Stedman!" to elicit the wonderful belly laugh that makes my day every time I hear it.

It's kind of embarrassing on one level and kind of magical on another, how you feel like your day isn't complete until you hear your child laugh. And how you will resort to saying "boogers," "SillyBilly!" and, yes, even "Stedman Graham" to make it happen.

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