Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm Goin' In!!

I'm watching E-Ring, that Dennis Hopper/Benjamin Bratt cheeseball fest on NBC. And with Dennis and Benjamin on the case, it's cheesecake and beefcake for dinner every Wednesday, baby!

Hey now--don't judge me. It's on and I'm too tired to go surfing the channels. Which has happened every Wednesday for the past 5 weeks, which means I've now seen 6 episodes. But only by accident. I swear.

One of the key features of E-Ring is the moment on each episode where one of the old military guys who is now a desk jockey at the Pentagon gets so upset at the civilian command a-wipes that he "back door authorizes" a covert operation to do whatever it is the "suits" can't muster the cojones to authorize.

It's genius in its simplicity. Every episode. Very entertaining. Until you think about its real-world parallels, and then it is HIGH-LARIOUS. Think John McCain (not Pentagon, but since I don't know of any military people running the Pentagon right now, we'll have to go to the Senate). Now think about spry-but-still-senior-citizen McCain getting so riled up about something that he says, "Dammit Janet! I'm goin' in!" and heading off at "oh-three-hundred" to do special ops in Kosovo.

Now THAT would be some awesome telly.

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