Friday, July 29, 2005

There's no "DC" in "ESPN"

From the AP:

Now Jesse Jackson is involved in trying to convince ESPN that its 50-state tour of sporting events should include a stop in the nation's capital.

The activist and former presidential candidate says it's insulting that the cable network left D.C. out when it came up with its plans. Jackson says he'll go to the network's Connecticut headquarters if they don't change their tune.

He also might picket the ESPN Zone bar in the city that's home to the Nationals, Wizards, Mystics, United and Capitals. Plus there's the Redskins, if you want to figure Landover into the mix.

The network says it'll mention D.C. when broadcasting from Virginia and Maryland.

Now, as much as I'm not such a fan of The Reverend Jackson, and as much as I don't really see myself holding an "ESPN UNFAIR TO DISTRICT" sign outside the ESPN Zone bar for hours on end, I do find it kind of insulting that ESPN said they'd "mention DC when broadcasting from Virginia and Maryland." Well, why not just mention Vermont when you're in NH and why not mention Rhode Island when you're in Connecticut? I mean, come on, RI is so small. How many teams can they possibly have there? How does RI rate a stop when DC has FIVE teams not including the Redskins?!

I'm sure they think DC is the same as Virginia and Maryland. Riiight. So, with that logic, how about just mentioning Kentucky during your trip through Western PA, also known as Pennsyltucky? Same thing, right?


Anonymous said...

Rhode Island actually is a state. It has a population of over 1MM (only #43 on the list). Speaking only of the sports value it adds, it is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, and is a vital member of the Red Sox Nation since they are home to the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox at McCoy Stadium.

I think DC rates a visit, even if people wear baseball caps with a Dubyah. Maybe ESPN could set aside some time by covering North and Dakota together (#48 and #46).

E said...

You are right. My apologies to the good people of The Ocean State. Your reminder about the Red Sox Nation tipped the scales... :)