Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lose the Adjective

Before I even begin my mini-rant about the meaninglessness of the Live 8 concerts, I just have to offer, for your review, the following two photo captions about celebrities attending the concerts:

"Live 8 attracted plenty of non-singing celebs - such as Gwyneth Paltrow and daughter Apple who turned up to Hyde Park to support Coldplay...."

Contrast this with:

"Angelina Jolie arrives with her adopted son Maddox at the concert at the Eden Project in Cornwall."

It absolutely irritates me beyond words that they qualified Maddox as Jolie's "adopted" son. Not just her "son," which he is, but her "adopted" son. Why the necessity for that adjective? Because he doesn't look like her in the photo and some stupid person who inexplicably cares might actually wonder, "Well, shucks! He looks durn near Oriental, durn't he?! He don't look nuthin' like her! Where'd HE come from? I wish they'd tell me where he came from!"

By that logic, why is Apple not Gwyneth Paltrow's "created by sexual intercourse with Chris Martin and delivered vaginally" daughter?


Jax said...

Or, at the barest of minimums, why isn't Apple referred to as Paltrow's "biological daughter"? At least there'd be a consistency to the adjectives.

Anonymous said...

I know it's probably a little late for this topic, but I was wondering did Gwyneth Paltrow give birth vaginally or by C-section I’ve heard different things about this subject and I was wondering If anyone knew for sure which it was. I’ve heard in some forums that Gwyn had a natural birth with no medication, but if Gwyn had a natural unmedicated birth why didn’t she go forth with the home water birth she originally planned? Why did she end up giving birth in a London hospital if everything went smoothly? Another thing is Gwyneth never actually said herself that she had a natural birth or even a vaginal birth at that matter. All I’ve heard Gwyn say about her birth experience is that she was in labor for over 70 hours in an interview with Diane Sewyer. She didn’t go into any other details about the birth. I believe that Gwyn had a C-section or an instrument assisted birth via forceps or vacuum. I want to know what everyone else thinks.