Monday, July 25, 2005

Parade Magazine Rains on My Parade

We all know that Parade Magazine (that insert you get with your Sunday paper) is a piece of fluff. But my blood was absolutely boiling yesterday when I read "Walter Scott's Personality Parade," which is where readers' questions about celebrities are answered.

In answer to a question about how many kids Steven Spielberg has, the answer mentioned his child with Amy Irving, Kate Capshaw's with Mr. Capshaw, and then the following:

"The pair have three kids of their own -- Sasha, 15, Sawyer, 13, and Destry, 8 -- plus Theo, 17, and Mikaela, 9, who were adopted."

Jeez, and all this time Theo and Mikaela have been walking around under the bizarre and absurd notion that they are the ACTUAL children of Steven and Kate! Stupid moronic kids! CLEARLY they are not the Spielberg's "own" children; they're just, you know, the two adopted ones. I'm certain Steven and Kate introduce their kids with, "This is Sasha, Sawyer and Destry--our own kids--and this is Theo and Mikaela--they're actually not our own."

I just wrote an email to
and clicked on "Email Walter Scott" politely asking that they amend the way in which they discuss adopted children to reflect a more modern/less neanderthal view that all children are their parents' "own" regardless of how they join the family.

I was polite in my email, but Ken at Popehat captured my feelings far more succinctly:

Screw You Parade Magazine


Anonymous said...

It's such a small thing, to use the words "their own", but such a big thing for the child who is not considered as such. I immediately hoped that Theo and Mikaela would not read this piece because how awful for some magazine to announce to them that they are not considered by others to be their parents own.

I've emailed them too.

Vigilante said...

E., No one I know and respect (besides you) attends to Parade Mag any more. It's part of the MSM, which, as Randi Rhodes never tires of reminding us, has cancelled the news.

BTW, E, since you rightly consider yourself a smackdown artiste nonpareil, you should catch a little audio from Randi who is a sister to you in politics, temperament, wisdom, attitude, and (maybe even) guts. You can google her on her website but especially on AirAmerica. Like the rest of us, she can have her bad days, or her boring days. (I don't know her well enough to tell when she's on or off her meds.) But on a good day, she'll cause all of the business in my office to stop, because I will be jumping to my feet, out of my squeaky oil-deficient swivel chair, with both arms raised and yelling "Yes! YES! YES!, and I'll be thinking, "Take that, you MFSOB's."

Gets me through some days, anyway.

Messenger said...

Ditto on that, Vigilante!