Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Terror Begins At Home

Breaking news on CNN that 4 American-born terrorists were *this* close to bombing a Riverdale, NY synagogue tonight. The only thing that stopped them, apparently, was the fact that they bought their explosives from an FBI officer. They foursome were reportedly outside the synagogue with the explosives in their car when the NYPD and FBI arrested them in the act.

Totally effing scary, my friends. More details will come out as the story progresses (such as the fact that they intended to use surface-to-air missiles on US military planes), but suffice to say this case wasn't cracked by waterboarding or stress positions, but by good old Enhanced Law Enforcement. The next step is using that law enforcement to root out the places where US-born citizens would attempt to kill other US citizens en masse because of their religion.

More to say on this as the details emerge. For now, thank God for the Po Po.

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