Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm Hating It

McDonalds! Come ON!!! My kid loves your happy meals. She eats the whole damn thing, something she rarely does with other food. Going there is a treat for her, especially because she gets a free toy. So imagine my dismay when, on our recent outing to McD's when the BBDD was traveling, the "toy" in the Happy Meal was a "KidzBop" CD. My child's CD? Songs by Fergie, Daughtry and someone else I cannot imagine any 4 year-old ought to be listening to. FERGIE for my 4 YEAR OLD?!! Have you lost your corporate minds?!! I threw that thing right in the garbage after hiding it at home. The day my 4 year old listens to fucking FERGIE is the day I hang it up and wish her good luck on the future stripper pole. I'm not dissing Fergie as an artist. Good for her--for teenagers and adults. But my 4 year-old?! Hells naw! So--no more McD's trips until the CD's are gone. On a different note, why anyone would want to listen to small children singing, "I hope you know, I hope you know, this has nothing to do with you; It's personal, myself and I we got some figurin out to do..." That's a vein-opener if I've ever heard one.

Fergie Fail for McD's on this one.


St said...

I just hate the CDs because, HELLO, I have two kids!! And I'm sure there are others out there who do as well. I asked for something different last time and they said they didn't have anything. I had the same problem with the Wendy's CD ROM games. I don't need duplicates.

Utah Savage said...

Too bad they're doing some sort of corporate trade off, otherwise they wouldn't be passing out CDs of anybody.

Anonymous said...

Promptly through the CD my four-year old girl got in the garbage. Thankfully, she was uninterested.

Loved your post about Bambina and art class. Sounds so like our daughter.