Friday, May 01, 2009

The Bitching Is Back

What's up, Cleveland?!!!

We're back. Not necessarily "better than ever," but back all the same. And what a week to be returning! Holy mother of all that is holy!

1. Swine Flu. The short version? This is a disease designed to kill people exactly like me. Although the reason it's such a big deal is that it's also designed to kill HEALTHY people like you and you and you, which our plain old Influenza B is not. Aaah--longing for the good old days of Influenza warms the cockles of my immune system.

2. Souter Retiring. Mazel Tov, David! This will be a major test for the Obama administration in that it will give us a view into where he wants to take the court: super lefty, liberal or centrist. It will also be a major project for Vice President Biden, seeing as he chaired the Judiciary Committee through six SCOTUS nominees. Let's hope Joey gets through it without saying anything inflammatory. HAH! Just kidding. He will. He reminds me of my Dad in some ways, that totally well-meaning guy who just cannot help himself but phrase something inartfully regarding "the blacks" or about avoiding confined spaces during the swine flu outbreak. Joey is the guy you cannot brief confidentially because once the information is in his head, it finds a way to break through his rather flimsy brain/mouth filter.

3. Specter Defector! The Haggis jury is still out on this one, in terms of what it means for Dems. But suffice to say, it shows that the GOP is in shambles. Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave, as well he should.

4. This survey showing that support for torture correlates with church attendance: Big shocker--the support is strongest among white evangelicals.

So that's what I've got for today. It's good to be back!


Anonymous said...

One thing I have wondered about the whole torture discussion, regarding waterboarding: I have heard a Marine or Navy Seal or some such super-soldier talk about how they get waterboarded as part of their training. How can this be considered illegal torture when it is done as part of training our fighting men/women? Other forms of torture, OK, no argument there!

Good to have you back, E! :)


St said...

I'd never heard it was used in training. If so I would say there are plenty of things they do in training that would be torture if they did it to me!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Even the stuff they showed in "An Officer and a Gentleman" would break me!


Anonymous said...

Joey reminds me of Bush... says shit he shouldn't. He's great though.