Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Oh joy of joys! It's going to be in The Fifties this week in Haggisland, and don't you know it, my fellow New Englanders are doing what we do best: dressing like it's July. Yes, so desperate are we for good weather (after what has to be a record for Shittiest Winter EvAr), we immediately throw on the beachwear the second the snow melts. We were outside almost all day all weekend. During which Bambina learned to ride her bike without training wheels! It was hell on the back, but heaven on the eyes to help her do it. She just decided she wanted the wheels off, and for a little while it was utter hell to ride with her because we were essentially propping her up by one hand the entire ride. Then on Saturday, the BBDD decided to suggest we go for it. She bit, and about 35 minutes later, she was rocking the house. Seeing her total sense of accomplishment was almost tear-inducing. Especially when (reticent kid that she is when it comes to PDA) she pulled us both toward her for a Group Hug and kiss after every instance of riding alone. Good times.

I finally watched the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer set-to this weekend. Whoa. I could barely watch it, so cringey is it to see someone get so thoroughly eviscerated by a comedy host. Although, let's be honest, in that interview, Jon Stewart displayed more journalistic chops than CNN and all the networks put together: asking uncomfortable questions, not letting him off the hook, making the guy and the audience squirm a little. Oh to have a press corps that could say it was better than a guy on Comedy Central...

For those of you interested, John King on CNN interviewed Dick Cheney this weekend. Frankly, I couldn't watch it. I just can't stomach anything Richard has to say, especially now. Why the hell anyone is giving this cretin a forum is beyond me. Like, for 8 years the guy got a free pass from the media as he and his "boss" shredded our Constitution, but now we just HAVE to have him on our show to see what he thinks of Obama?! Money quote: "I love him" in reference to Rush Limbaugh. He thinks Obama--the President of the United States--should debate Rush Limbaugh on a televised show. What?!! The President of the fucking United States of America should take the time from trying to have us not slide into a fucking Depression--to go at it with a drug-addicted, maritally-challenged, joke of a radio host? Clearly, this is a man whose opinion should be the least interesting thing to our country right now, since we're kind of busy cleaning up the mess he and his "boss" left behind. I believe that history will show (if it doesn't already) that the damage done to our nation by the Bush Administration is of a kind unprecedented in American history. Dick Cheney should be unbookable on any show. Except for Rush Limbaugh's.

Finally, on a lighter note, cheer up, Dear Hearts! As bad as things seem, we can now all look forward to the new MacGyver feature film! I don't know about you, but I already feel better.

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Vigilante said...

Yeah, but what about the BoSox without Manny?