Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Idol's Doing Country. God Save America.

I had major trepidation, but Li'l Rounds has just shown us how it's done. Randy hates it, but I thought it was good. The judges hate it, I loved it. Standard comment: "You seemed uncomfortable with that song." Hello! You chose COUNTRY! Who ISN'T uncomfortable singing that? Randy Travis is the helper this week, and he is just so straight that his discomfort with these kids is obvious.

Paula Abdul as always is babbling and irrelevant. She either needs to stop the drugs or take more. The BBDD says she is trying to look like "Sophia Loren At 60." This is not a compliment.

Adam is up. He's doing Ring of Fire with sitars, etc. It's definitely a non-standard rendition of the song. Weird, actually. Creepy, actually.

Here comes Scott, a really impressive musician who happens to be blind. He's not great when he's without his piano, but whether he wins Idol or not, he's got a career. More Paula prattling.

Again, this show is boring this season. Last season had people to piss you off or freak you out. This year: YAWN. I'd rather watch Glenn Beck.

No, I take that back.

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