Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bombs, Babies and A Couple of Bums

We're watching Generation Kill, an HBO miniseries now on netflix. Written by the guys who brought us The Wire, GK follows the exploits of United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during 2003. It is based on the book by an embedded reporter, Evan Wright. A pretty accurate view of the boredom and constant mission changes of the first phase of the war effort. Definitely worth a look.

Next up, we have some sad news from Alaska, as we learn that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have called off their engagement. The source is Alan Colmes' Liberaland blog, which got it from Star Magazine. So take it with a grain. But I think we were all watchin' the clock on that one, weren't we, kids?

Here are results of a poll showing how Limbaugh is out of step with the majority of Republican voters. He's still huge among the very conservative, but viewed as harmful among independents, younger voters and moderate Republicans.

And, finally, for tonight: apparently a "scientific" study has deemed Kylie Minogue's the Best Bum In The World. Read on for all manner of formulas assessing "sphericality" and the like. Then do your own measurements at home to see how you compare!


St said...

I'm on the third disc of Generation Kill. Funny, I know the guy who plays himself, Rudy Reyes. He and my sister were friends in high school which is how I even heard about the show which is totally worth seeing.

St said...

Oh and did you see this? It's an apology letter to Rush generator. Funny.

Utah Savage said...

I thought Generation Kill was very good and well worth watching. May I recommend a rental of the best anti war movie ever made--Catch 22.

Rush is a big fat drug taking woman hating baboon.

And I'm so happy you got your well deserved award.

Utah Savage said...

My only thought on the Bristol Palin's situation is why didn't Bristol leave the baby with her crazy assed mother and high tail it with Levi, taking birth control pills and seeing America, free at last.

Beach Bum said...

The only thing I have to say about Limabaugh is that right now he is actually helping the president by turning the stomachs of independents, younger voters and moderate Republicans. I just he keeps up the good work and doesn't go all soft and reasonable.