Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tres Links

From Wonkette, a link to a website that must be seen to be believed. And remember: it was created in the last week, not 1994: anti-obama-hilltards-create-worlds-dumbest-website

From Andy Borowitz, via The Moderate Voice, a laugh-out-loud description of John McCain's campaign:

And on a more serious note, a solid article on the GOP's plan to demonize Michelle Obama. Or, as the article states, to "Hillary-ize" her. Because if you can't win by attacking the candidate, be sure to attack his wife.
And, not for nothing, but John McCain might want to tread carefully on this ground, in terms of wives. He's got a world of 'splainin' to do in terms of his own honor and fidelity if he really wants to take his party in the direction of attacking a candidate's marital partner. I predict the righties will love turning Michelle into An Angry Black Woman. I also predict a backlash from normal humans if they go there. I also openly wonder whether the women who are continuing to support Hillary in the name of feminism and sisterhood will leap to the defense of Michelle Obama with such alacrity when she becomes the target of sexist smears. We shall see.

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