Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rockin' the DF

I'm spending the morning here at the clinic getting my final rituxan infusion. You'll recall I joined the study investigating whether rituxan prevents chronic GVHD. So far so good, in my case (since I have late acute and really don't want to be getting the chronic kind to boot). Today's group is a good one. Sometimes you come here and no one chats, which is no fun. Then again, sometimes you come here and everyone wants to chat which can also be no fun. But today I'm in the mood, so I'm enjoying the group. My faves are two Irish brothers, twins I think. They both look like Drew Carey, and they are just making my morning with their effusive jolliness. I dropped my cell phone and didn't notice only to have Drew Two pick it up and give it to me while saying, "Ye'll be wantin' yer phone. That's a lovely phone, 'tis." He may look like Drew Carey, but I'm a bit smitten regardless due to the accent.

I'm actually looking forward to getting a bit of sleep while here. I was telling the BBDD about those days when you have to travel for work or pull an all-nighter and you breathlessly tell someone "I've been awake for 20 hours!" I realized yesterday that I'm awake 20 hours every day; that's my life right now. Especially since Bambina has recently decided that 4am-ish is the time when she a) has to pee and b) feels terribly hungry. Kill me now. So I'm making her a chart to put near her bed with a List of Things To Do If You Can't Sleep:

1. Picture of a toilet--Go Pee
2. Picture of cereal box--Eat Cereal (from a tupperware I'm about to put near her bed)
3. Picture of a book--Read a Story
4. Picture of musical note--Sing to Yourself
5. Picture of markers--Draw some Pictures

She's good about doing all of these things but can't quite remember what to do first in the moment. So I end up walking her through it every time this happens. Hence the chart going up tonight. Today it just became apparent around 5am that she was not going back to sleep, so we went downstairs and did Play-Doh and drawing. But I'm beat, because there's a (small, yet large) difference between being awake at 4am and being awake while managing your kid at 4am. One is bearable-ish. One is unpleasant, no matter how much you love your sweet Bambina.

Bring on that Benadryl, baby!


Charlie said...

Perhaps a memo went around to the foursomething set on this, as we are enjoying (?) 4:30 and 5 AM wake ups at our house, too. What I love is the explanation of why she can't go back to sleep: "the birds are singing too loud." What, I should go outside and tell them to shush?

E said...

Oh my goodness! THAT IS VERBATIM what she said to us too! In all honesty, me being up at 3am, the birds are being pretty damn loud. I actually in a moment of total fatigue wondered whether we could "spray" to get rid of the birds!

That is so unbelievable that they both said the exact word for word thing!