Sunday, June 08, 2008

Damn Hot

It's really hot here in New England, and it's going to get hotter over the next 3 days. Like, 104 heat index hot.

Did I mention we don't have central AC in our beloved new Money Pit? Nice.

I'm trying to be zen about it till we get a window AC (which is online + delivery since every big box store seems to stock only the models that got trashed by Consumer Reports). After all, we didn't have AC when I was growing up until I was in high school. And even then, it was one window unit in our living room. Our version of central AC was one of those little personal fans that my bro and sis and I had on our nightstand. I still remember mine fondly: blue and white and marked up by all the pieces of gum I'd placed on it in the evening and removed the next morning. I do remember feeling hot but not like, "Oh my god I'm going to die!" So why am I such a wuss now? The answer is: because I do not have my trusty blue and white and gum-marred 6-inch fan blowing on me. Must get myself to a Caldor or Zayres or KMart and hook myself up.

In other news, I'm up at 3am. Which is not news per se, seeing as I am always up at 3am these days. But still, I figured I'd fill you in. I do feel monstrously sleep-deprived, however. Like, to the level of Just-Home-From-China-Circa-2005 sleep deprived. And there is no cure except getting off prednisone. I can't nap during the day (practically or physically), so whatever 3 hours I get a night is what I get. And let me tell you, it's starting to take a toll. As I once read about Michael Dukakis, "he needs a bellhop for his eyebags." Which are secondary only to my non-prednisone-related but nonetheless "curious" hair these days. After chemo, I lost only some of my hair. Mostly around the perimeter of my face and neck and at the part where the top of my head becomes the back of my head. Well, as promised by chemo legend, my new hair is different. As in, kind of curly and either white or brown. Contrast with my hair that didn't fall out: blond and straight/wavy. So what I have is one head with competing hair textures and colors--but only in spots! So add to the fact that I was already a Woman In Search of a Hairstyle before the transplant, I am now a woman in search of a hairstyle that accommodates both curly and straight hair on the same head. You do the math. Ain't gonna happen. So my response is to say "whatever!" and let it do what it wants to do. Besides, I'm too tired to care.

Which reminds me that I'm going to go lie down now and try to get some sleep. Happy Sunday.

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Utah Savage said...

I've missed you. I need to visit on a regular basis so I don't have so much catching up to do. You are the most prolific blogger I know. Must be those long sleepless nights. This sounds horrible to me. One of the other things you are probably deprived of is dreaming. My psychiatrist tells me one needs a certain number of hours of uninterrupted sleep to get to the dreaming zone. There was a long period of time I slept for three or four hours a night--bipolar related sleeplessness. What I missed most was dreaming.