Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain Meets You-Tube

Link and commentary on the dissipation of McCain's "brand" via Newshoggers: no-take-backs-on the soul-selling.html

The larger point being, IMHO, that John McCain's campaign needs to learn that this thing called "the internet" exists, and that things you said (rather forcefully, I might add) on TV can be found and re-aired. So it's less easy to rely on the short-term memory of the voters and just call your opponent a liar than it used to be. Especially where the videotape exists.

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Anonymous said...

Don't get what the discrepancy is; McCain has long and loudly supported the war in Iraq and the fight against terrorists. I believe that is what he is referring to as far as being more in agreement than not with GWB. Did I misunderstand, or did he say that he does disagree on some domestic issues with the prez? Anyhoo...guess I'm just a republican! Did you know some of us read your blog and love you, E? :)