Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Am A Man

This is a great response from Andrew Sullivan to Ann Coulter's ostensible defense of her use of the F word, that it was not homophobic because it was levelled at a straight man. The power of the word is precisely its homophobia, the accusation that the straight man is not actually a 'real man," that he is weak, feminine or sissified, qualities she feels the F word perfectly describes. The assumption of which is clearly homophobic.

Someone might tell Ms. Coulter that a lot of people (many more than know it, I guarantee you) have friends and loved ones who are gay, who long ago (like, after the age of 13) learned that decent humans don't use words like f*%%ot, and who happen to think being a vile, foulmouthed cow is the real crime against nature.

Oh--and I don't mean "cow" in the boviphobic way. I just mean it in the "cows have all the qualities I find nauseating" kind of way. That's clearly very different than being boviphobic, isn't it?

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