Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dunkin Donuts: They Don't Love Me Back

How could they DO this?!! This is the worst, worst, worst decision in the entire world! Is she not already everywhere that we cannot escape her? Now she's got to be on TV some MORE yammering with her big joker mouth about my favorite coffee? AND she's going to come up with some new "yummo" recipes for DD?! Weren't they doing just fine without her help?!!? I give it 4, 3, 2....until she finds a way to put "EVOO" into something made at Dunkies.

I may have to renege on my previous loyalty pledge. Seriously. I can't take this woman in one more location. If they put her picture on a poster inside the store I'm gonna have to cross the street to Starbucks until her contract runs out in 2010.

Thanks for nothing, Dunkies.

From Providence Business News:

Dunkin’ Donuts today announced it has signed daytime TV host Rachael Ray as its new brand representative... “Everyone always asks me how I manage my schedule, and theanswer is coffee,” she quipped. “Having grown up in the Northeast, I have a longstanding and deep appreciation for Dunkin’...” Besides appearing in a multiplatform marketing campaign, Ray will work with the Dunkin’ culinary team as it develops new “better for you” food and beverage options...Ray is to be featured in TV, radio, print and online ads, in-store marketing and personal appearances, in a campaign that will run through 2010. Her first TV ad is slated to air next month.

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