Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is This Racist?

From Sky News. Am I racist for thinking this is funny--and very ingenious? I am usually all eyes and ears for anything racist, so somebody needs to school me hard if I'm turning a blind eye to this. :)

Scottish Firm In The Poo
Updated: 15:13, Wednesday March 28, 2007

A Scottish company has been slammed for inviting customers to "send a poo" to an Englishman on St George's Day.

Edinburgh-based firm is selling plastic "realistic poo" to send to "your favourite (or least favourite) Englishman" to mark April 23.

Customers are given the choice between human or dog-style excrement, wrapped in tissue paper along with a personal message set beside the English flag.

But members of the English Democrats Party, which is campaigning for an English Parliament, questioned the stunt's legality.

Robin Tilbrook, the party's national chairman, said: "The company's website says they will not send this so-called 'practical joke' if the message is deemed threatening, racist, homophobic, or displays religious bigotry.

"It appears to me to be threatening, possibly racist and without question bigoted. It's certainly offensive and possibly an offence."

The novelty firm offers the service, with prices starting at £4.99, all year round and claims to prove popular with disgruntled customers and ex-partners seeking revenge.

The firm's joint owner Niall Methven, who set up the company around 18 months ago, said it "never even crossed his mind" that the scheme could be perceived as racist.

He insisted he has not had any complaints from customers or recipients.

*credit to BBDD for sending this along!

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