Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dunkie Run!

Here's an article telling those of us originally from New England what we already know: that Dunkin Donuts has more customer loyalty than Starbucks. If you don't have a Dunkins near you, I'm sorry. In DC we lived for years without one, until last year. And now Bambina, Baby Daddy and I do a Sunday afternoon "Dunkie Run!" after naptime every week. She gets a couple of munchkins or an ice cream from the Baskin Robbins side of the store, I get a coffee.

The grand opening of the DC store can only be described as "Massholes on Parade." It was a big, long line of people who call soda "tonic," who understand all the Ben Affleck "Sully" skits on SNL, who--no matter what MA town they grew up in--went to high school with a Sean, Pat or Jamie McCarthy, and who were all simply tolerating Starbucks till we could get the real deal at Dunkins. (As further evidence of said loyalty, the Baby Daddy gave me permission to include him in the Dunkie Run reference; a rare exception indeed).

I wish the whole country could experience the good service, friendly staff, and good, cheap coffee that is a Dunkie Run.

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Joe Tornatore said...

great i mean great post. dunkie run. priceless.