Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Alpha Betta

Bambina got a new pet last week. A purple betta, otherwise known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. She really wanted a dog, but until I have my one small darling feeding, dressing, and managing herself without a ton of input from me, I really can't bring home another, larger darling needing the same amount of, if not more, attention. And I don't subscribe to the notion of doggie daycare, although many good and decent people do. For me personally, I just don't want to have a dog who is essentially a weekend companion when time allows, so until I can give a dog the attention and time it needs, a purple betta it is!

Bambina LOVES her purple betta. When we were discussing what to name him, she was telling me that she'd be his big mommy and that I'd be his little mommy. I asked what that made the fish, if he had two mommies, expecting her to say something about being a little boy or small guy or something. She replied, "Big Daddy!"

So "Big Daddy" he has remained. We had drama the first night when I wouldn't put him in her bedroom for fear that curiosity would get the better of little fingers and we'd have a very unhappy, floor-bound betta on our hands. Or, worse, a broken betta bowl on the bedroom floor. She insisted he not be downstairs, so into my bedroom he went. Where his water proceeded to gather dust like it was goin' out of style, prompting multiple cleanings and refills and ongoing maintenance of a two-pint bowl.

You'd think I'd be annoyed at the level of effort now being demanded of one fish in a tiny bowl, but the truth comes out: I'm really liking Big Daddy too. I changed his water today and he has been swimming around and blowing his bubbles like, well, a fish in clean water. I've remarked so frequently on how happy I am that Big Daddy is happy again that it prompted Baby Daddy to inquire, "Who did you buy this fish for again?"

I don't mind the teasing, though. Look at it this way: Had I not made the decision to get Big Daddy, I'd probably have spent this morning walking Bambina's new mastiff, Huge Daddy, at 7am in 30 degree weather.

Pass the fish food, please.

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Jane said...

What a gorgeous betta! We have a red and blue one that we've managed to keep alive since 2004. If you ever need betta care advice, I highly recommend