Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ten Ways Dems Can Win in 2008: Number Two

{See March 29th for the first entry}

Number Two:


The latest Zogby poll shows that while she is solid enough with the Dem base, HRC "scares away more independents than she attracts." Scaring away independents is the number one way to lose a campaign, and I for one would like to win. I offer this with all due respect and with the caveat that I actually like her. But her public opinion negatives are as high as her positives, and I just don't think she can win.

Did I mention that I want to win?


Anonymous said...

I agree. Its almost heresy to say what you said, but you are right. She cannot win.

Miko said...

I dunno...I've absorbed this thought from many directions, but one thing I do know is that she's unafraid. I think if Kerry had been a bit stronger and gone on the attack more, he'd have had W on the ropes much more seriously than he did. But he was scared of being tarred with the 'liberal' brush, so he held back on the righteous indignation. If there was ever a time for R.I., this is it - and Hil can do it. The American public has turned on conventional wisdom before...I wonder how much people think they're against Hilary because they think they're supposed to think they're against Hilary. It's possible that they'll get tired of being told what they think.

My mind is open. Her public-image and debate skills are impressive. She may be able to turn opinion around as she gets seen and heard much more during the campaign.