Monday, April 17, 2006

Genocide in Darfur: We Can't Say We "Didn't Know"

For a better discussion of what is going on in Darfur than I can competently undertake in one blog post, please go to Briefly, the situation is thus:

Not since the Rwanda genocide of 1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of slaughter, rape, starvation and displacement. The Sudanese government continues to flout international law with impunity.

What will you tell your grandkids when they ask how it could have gone on for so long with so little resistance from the rest of the world (ie, YOU)?

If you are in the area, come and join us on Sunday, April 30th at 1:30 PM on The National Mall for the RALLY AGAINST GENOCIDE - TAKE ACTION FOR DARFUR

The American Jewish World Service is organizing the Jewish community to join an interfaith rally sponsored by the Save Darfur Coalition. Save Darfur is a coalition of many religious and secular groups, and the Jewish community especially is mobilizing, in recognition of our historical (although pretty recent in terms of world history) experience with genocide.

Save Darfur


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great cause.