Saturday, April 22, 2006

Support Our Troops...

I know its fashionable to hate PACs, but this one I love, and here's why:

For the sake of all Americans, we cannot allow partisanship to dominate the debate around Iraq, Afghanistan and the threat of terrorism. We cannot let the same rancor color our policies regarding the welfare of our servicemembers and Veterans. The Bush administration must not be allowed to cow sensible Republicans and Democrats from offering critiques and alternatives to our current course of action at home and abroad with baseless accusations of anti-Americanism. At the same time, the Democratic Party cannot continue to evade a unified position on a success strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. The young men and women returning from duty abroad, and their peers who have joined the political battle their deployment sparked, represent the best hope for America to transcend the destructive partisan rift that threatens to paralyze this great nation at a profound moment of truth. We can shape a positive agenda that embraces the challenges that lay ahead, an agenda that reverses the alienation and impotence that so many Americans feel when presented with the reality that "our politics is more polarized than the people themselves."



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