Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Calling Falwell

Like most toddlers, The Bambina has her very own Going-To-The-Potty Poster onto which we place reward stickers every time she either a) tells me she needs to go to the potty, b) does peepees in the potty, or c) does poopies in the potty. Her big delight is in picking the particular sticker that will go on the poster, so I thought I'd buy her some cute doggie stickers since they are the current object of her daily obsession. If we don't go to the park and see (preferably very big) doggies at least once a day, she is completely inconsolable. Hence, the doggie stickers as reward for pooping. Kind of apropos, no?

Anyway, I submit to you a photo of the stickers I purchased and then happened to glance at quickly on the walk home. At best they are "unfortunately positioned", at worst the Mrs. Grossman's sticker company better upgrade their switchboard, cause Jerry Falwell will be callin'.

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