Thursday, February 23, 2006



I don't know what I think of the UAE ports deal but I do know that I'm really tired of having this administration tell me that every time I disagree with something they do, that I am aiding, abetting or refusing to fight terrorism.

Can't I love America and be concerned about our national security without having to also love George Bush? Why is every piece of dissent characterized as pro-terrorist or at the very least apathetic to America's security?

These guys are good at manipulating sentiment. They just happen to be bad at governing ethically and intelligently.

Oh--but here is a good piece at Crooks and Liars about the Bush family ties to UAE. It ain't pretty:



Anonymous said...

Welcome Back E.

The answer is No. You cannot question GW Bush and still be a patriotic American. Not under this regime.....

Raine said...

How can you love Jove, Drucilla, and forsake Rome?

Kinda the opposite in this situation. Just think, if any of the right-wing lapdogs actually, wholeheartedly believed what they preached, they'd be right there on the front lines.

Incidently, it's too messy. Better to let someone else do it for them.