Monday, February 06, 2006

Bush The Budget Buster

Okay, folks. So I have my household budget for you to peruse. I've broken it down into major categories such as domestic expenses, travel expenses, entertainment, incidentals, etc. This is a budget so far in the black that it doesn't even know what "red" means.

Um. Well, except for the fact that:

Under housing I did not include my annual mortgage costs.

Under travel I did not include all of my expected airfare costs.

Under entertainment I did not include my monthly netflix subscription.

But in the black we are! Aren't I such the fiscal conservative?! Because, after all, including the costs of Iraq and Afghanistan in the defense portion of my budget would make it all seem so incredibly large, so I just decided to not include them. I'm making them extrabudgetary for the purposes of this budget, which makes me a fiscal conservative because I have slashed the requisite number of programs, offices and of course that old chestnut "fraud and waste."

Who writes a budget that doesn't include your most expensive--and volatile--expenditures?! That is insane.

But not as insane as the fact that we now pay 9% interest on our national debt. Yep. NINE percent of the budget proposed by the President is simply the line item to pay interest on our debt. But god forbid we pay down our debt; god no. We can't have that. Isn't there a program we can kill instead?!

This budget is a joke. A $2.77 Trillion joke.


misterfed said...

Even real conservatives -- as opposed to pure administration apologists -- are appalled by this. One of the guys at The Corner described Bush as spending money like a pimp with a week to live.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing sorta reminds me of Regan and his lovely budgets. Unfortunately I don't think we can break the economy of the terrorists cause we like oil too much.

Raine said...

If Bush puts too many cannons on the boat of the economy, it's going to sink. Just ask Brezhnev.

If Iraq and Afghanistan are extrabudgetary, does that mean that the numbers on them are also outside the jursidiction of the counters and the public?

Vigilante said...

An excellent rhetorical question, Raine.