Monday, August 29, 2005

The Most Bizarre Evidence To Date that I am OLD

I read randomly today that Patrick Swayze (he of big hair, Dirty Dancing, “nobody puts baby in a corner” fame) is 53 years old.

Holy mother of all that is cheesy--How can one of the stars of Red Dawn be in his 50's?

Can you believe it? Patrick Swayze is 53. That means I must be at least...oh dear god.

I am old enough to have had “Time of My Life” as a prom song.


Edgar Newt said...

So, did you have the time of your life at Prom? Do tell, do tell....

E said...

I sure did. Boyfriend picked me up in his GT. Got my hair waaay big for the evening; all permed and feathered and with totally wicked awesome bangs. Was workin' the aqua eyeshadow with my sequiny dress and his (que claro) matching cummerbund. I danced to Paula Abdul like she was goin' out of style. Oh, I guess she WAS.

Then had to go home by 1am because I was the only girl in the history of my high school to have a curfew on prom night: "Ohmigod I so totally hate you Dad!! I am, like, so totally the biggest loser in my entire school! Everyone else is getting a hotel at the beach and I have to come home?!"

My dad's response was: "that is precisely why you have to come home."

Thank goodness for dads who don't mind being hated... :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the story you read is wrong. He is clearly NOT 53. He is obviously still 23. Is there no journalistic integrity anymore?

Joe Tornatore said...

Paula Abdul? People danced to her?